List of externally funded projects

Linnaeus University, Sweden

  • Real-Time 3D Gesture Analysis for Natural Interaction with Smart Devices (2017-2020)
    • funded by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen)
    • LNU page [link]
  • Novel approaches to Explore and Interact with Open Data within Immersive Virtual Reality Environments (2016)
    • partially funded by the Information Engineering Center (IEC) at LNU as an IEC2020 applied research and development seed project
    • Nico Reski: research assistant, developer
  • Social Media and Web Technologies for Innovation and Growth (stage A: 2013-2015)
    • funded by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen)
    • New Advanced Level Education in IT (NALE-IT)
  • JUXTALEARN: Learning Science and Computing Through Juxtaposition Performance in Video Making (EU FP7 project, 2012-2015)
    • project homepage [link]
    • prototype demonstration [vimeo]
    • activity demonstration
    • CLIPIT global site [link]
  • People’s Voices: Developing Cross Media Services to Promote Citizens Participation in Local Governance Activities (2012-2013)
    • partially funded by the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (Spider)
    • project homepage […]

University of Hertfordshire, UK

  • COGNIRON: The Cognitive Robot Companion (EU FP6 Integrated project, 2004-2007, finished)
    • project homepage [link]

Other internally funded research activities at LNU

ODXVRxNTS: Open Data Exploration in Virtual Reality x Nordic Tweet Stream

  • collaboration with the Department of Languages and the Department of Computer Science, LNU
  • part of the Data Intensive Digital Humanities research group within DISA
  • see VRxAR Labs

Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications (DISA)

  • LNU page [link]
  • collaborating within the Data Intensive Digital Humanities research group [link]

Digital Humanities: A cross-faculty initiative to address societal challenges and innovation

  • interdisciplinary collaboration between different LNU departments and faculties [link]
  • DH symposium [link]

PEAR: situated Augmented Reality for Public Engagement

  • with Nico Reski
  • pear-diagram-page-1Google Play app for PEAR4VXO [link] inactive now
  • press releases and mentions for PEAR4VXO [link][link][]
  • publication at DH symposium [pdf]
  • PEAR4DigHum
    • brief summary of deployment at DH symposium [pdf]
  • LNU project page [link]

ODxVR: Open Data Exploration in Virtual Reality

Quantified Self avatars visualization