Courses at Linnæus University

Bachelor programme in Interactive Digital Media / Interaktiva digitala medier

  • 2ME110Topical Problems in Media Technology / Aktuella problem i medieteknik
  • 2ME10EBachelor Thesis / Examensarbete i medieteknik

Master programme in Social Media and Web Technologies (video, info, FAQ, moodle)

Since June 2014, I am also the programme coordinator.

  • 4ME301Scientific Theories and Methods (course coordinator)
  • 4ME303Tangible User interfaces
  • 4ME306Cross Media Design and Production (course coordinator & examiner)
  • 4ME308Mobile Games and Entertainment (course coordinator & examiner)
  • 4ME309Network Society and Internet Cultures
  • 4ME310Adaptive and Semantic Web
  • 4ME312Advanced Topics in Media Technology
  • 5ME11EDegree Project (course coordinator & examiner)

PhD Thesis

  • [TBA] Linnaeus University, started in 2017
  • Joe Saunders PhD thesis “Observational Imitation, Self-Imitation and Environmental Scaffolding in Robotic Systems” submitted December 2006, PhD exam 29 January 2007 passed with minor amendments, accepted 22 February 2007. Now a Research Fellow with the Adaptive Systems Research Group, University of Hertfordshire, UK.

Master Thesis

  • Nurane Kuqi, Linnaeus University, Sweden, forthcoming
  • Isabella Nake “A System to Visualize Quantified Self Data Using Avatars”, Linnaeus University, Sweden [DiVA]
  • Nico Reski “Change your perspective: Exploration of a 3D network created with open data in an immersive virtual reality environment using a head-mounted display and vision-based motion controls”, 2015, Linnaeus University, Sweden [DiVA]
  • Romain Herault “Application for Customizable Interaction with Physical Objects: A Tool for Speech and Language Therapists”, 2015, Linnaeus University, Sweden [DiVA]
  • Asreen Rostami “Developing UCAF, an administrative functionality for the U-Call IVR reporting system”, 2014, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Bachelor Thesis

  • Peter Johansson “Collaborative statistics collection during live sports events”, 2013, Linnaeus University, Sweden


  • Makoto YOSHIDA Visiting Research Student (University of Hertfordshire); Tokyo Institute of Technology, October 2006 – February 2007.
  • Patryk Szczepankiewicz Research Student Internship (University of Hertfordshire); Polytech’Lille, May 2004 – July 2004.